Paul Carter

Paul Carter

Chairman & CFO
Tempe Arizona

Paul Carter has proven to be a dynamic force in the helms of leadership at HMA. Serving as the present Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, he has been able to use his capacity in office to effectively lead and oversee all aspects of the company, most importantly the financial activities. With over 25 years of career experience, he also handles the mantles of operations, information services, product development along with sales and marketing.

With a background of 8 years in the U.S. Air Force, the company has benefitted from the “never-say-never” mentality he lives his life by. This mentality has been transmitted into a company policy; we believe we are the “Yes” company. This means where others think something is impossible or undoable, we push ahead and find a way to achieve feats. He makes sure all business deals and transactions are legal and by the rule books of reliable commercial and corporate practices. This spirit of honesty and transparency led to the introduction and implementation of HMA’s Precis Plans. This is a plan centered on Value-Based Pricing that provides a core cost savings product to the market audience. As a result, this 4-year-old program has successfully endeared us to a multitude of clients in over 35 states and counting. He believes in fairness and getting a good deal for everyone, as he believes that a happy customer transcends to a happy company. His innovative skills have further helped the company to compete nationally with peer organizations in the industry. Mr. Carter has been able to lead teams to identify what these other companies are doing right to meet the market, and where possible, learn from them and implement them in our structure of customer servicing. Where others are not doing what they can to further meet customer demands, he believes we should be willing and able to, and this has inevitably led to the success of HMA.

Paul Carter gathered his in-depth knowledge at the Park College, where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He went ahead to further his education by receiving his MBA from Troy State University.

When he is not driving numbers and directing the affairs of the company, he is deeply engrossed in sports as an avid fan of all things Pittsburg, the football team, Steelers and the baseball team, Pirates.

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