Value-Based Pricing delivers transparency in the pricing of major medical services based on economical reimbursement levels. VBP is designed to be fair and reasonable based on various pricing data sets, most notably Medicare. With over 95% of medical facilities across the country accepting Medicare reimbursements, it is the most common pricing structure for medical services in the United States. VBP most notably adds a percentage on top of the Medicare reimbursement, typically 30%-50%, and delivers swift and accurate payments. Precis VBP can save up to 40% when compared to traditional PPO networks.

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Precis VBP offers self-insured health plans a defined benefit structure based on economical reimbursement levels designed to be fair and reasonable based on various pricing data sets (Medicare being one of many). Precis VBP allows Employers to set a certain reimbursement dollar amount per procedure based on multiple data points. Many of HMA’s health plans incorporate a traditional PPO network for all basic medical services, including physician & specialist visits, labs & x-rays and other ancillary services. Employees see no change in how they seek the most common and routine care.