The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes significant penalties on employers that fail to offer certain preventive coverage’s (MEC) and/or coverage that do not meet the minimum value test (MVP) to eligible employees.

HMA, LLC now offers a variety of MEC and MVP plans that are ACA compliant and affordable, while avoiding potential tax penalties for both the employer and their employees.

These plans are administered under a single platform for ease of use by plan sponsors and their employees and are designed to work together for the purpose of controlling the ever rising cost of health care.

About HMA, LLC

Hawaii-Mainland Administrators is one of the largest Third-Party Administrators (TPA) of self-funded and fully insured health plans throughout Hawaii and the US continental southwest. For nearly 30 years, HMA has provided services including claims adjudication, medical management, technology and infrastructure and customer service to Employers, Payers, Taft-Hartley Trust Plans, Native American Tribes and more. Utilizing a variety of exceptional technology services, including complete healthcare management software, data warehouses, specialized applications, and advanced optical scanning software, HMA offers our clients a wide range of solutions. HMA provides self-funded health plans and related benefits offered to large employers, Taft-Hartley, Native Americans, brokers, and consultants. HMA also provides solutions for health insurance companies. For more information please contact Brandon Carter, Senior Sales Representative, at, 480-921-8944.