HMA is an integrated TPA Solution that saves employers money and provides the ability to control their health care costs.

The HMA Advantage

Our full suite of integrated services offer employers, Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, Native American health plans, and a variety of other programs with a wide range of flexible self-funded options that meet the needs of any size business. As a result, HMA provides better benefits at a lower cost than fully-insured health plans. Our goal is to always provide a road map towards controlling future health care costs, meeting plan objectives, and improving your employer-sponsored health plan.


Administration Services

Our full-suite of administration services are performed in-house by an experienced team of health plan professionals. State-of-the-art management systems deliver accurate, timely and cost-effective solutions for self-funded health plans.

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A variety of self-funded health plan solutions provide flexible benefits structures and reimbursement arrangements. Self-funding delivers valuable insights into your plan that help meet financial needs and deliver high quality care for employees.

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Value-Based Pricing (VBP)

Innovative VBP solutions offer defined and transparent benefit structures designed to be fair and reasonable based on economical benchmarked reimbursement costs and allows employers to control the rising costs of health care.

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Covered Plan Participants

HMA covers a population of over 200,000 members across 44 states.

Claims Adjudicated Annually

HMA processes and pays over 225 million claims annually.


Average Claims Savings

HMA’s tools can save employers nearly 75% savings on claims spending.

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Integrated & Tailored TPA Solutions

Claims Management

Claims are adjudicated and processed through our proprietary system that drives accurate and timely claims management.

Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable service team members are here to support you in any way, shape, or form.

Flexible Plan Designs

A variety of self-funded health plans deliver flexible benefits options and reimbursement methods that not only meet the needs of employers, but exceed them too.

Systems & Reporting

Self-funding with HMA allows for real-time benefits and claims reports that deliver insight into populations at every level.

Member Advocacy

Experienced member advocacy teams assist members through every step of their value-based pricing health plan.

Member Communications

Engagement tools help members understand and manage their plan benefits, while enhancing the overall experience.

Looking For More Insight Into Your Plan?

HMA’s online resource tools have you covered!

Our user portals provide real-time access to a variety of useful tools that help members, employers, and providers better understand and maximize their health plan.