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Medical Information
This website is not an appropriate resource for self-diagnosis. The information provided through Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC.’s website or online content does not serve to substitute the instructions of your Primary Care Physician or another qualified health care professional. Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. is in no way liable for any events that transpire as a result of the misuse, abidance or misinterpretation of information accessed through our online services. Always consult your PCP or doctor first before seeking online assistance.

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Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. constantly strives to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information. However, our online content may occasionally contain small errors, grammatical or otherwise. If you wish to bring any such issue to our attention, please feel free to contact us and direct your message to our webmaster.

Age Restrictions
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Privacy Policy
Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. is committed to your personal discretion and privacy. Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. is not responsible for your personal dissemination of personal information, and we urge you to maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. For a full outline of our privacy guidelines, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Online Services
Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. offers a range of interactive services to help you take control of your help, such as our online member portal, wellness programs, social media and communication capabilities. Use of these services indicates your agreement to refrain from the following:

  • Signing on as another user
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  • Collecting others’ personal data or infringing upon others’ rights
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  • Soliciting others for any organizations or schemes, legal or otherwise

Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. reserves the right to review your online usage of our services and determine, at our discretion, your adherence to these rules. Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. may monitor and remove content at our discretion.

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These conditions apply to all Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. affiliates, including our mobile website, social accounts and My Hawai`i Wellness. Failure to adhere to the aforementioned terms and conditions may results in account termination. Hawaii-Mainland Administrators, LLC. reserves the right to suspend or revoke account access due to perceived violations of these guidelines. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, we ask that you refrain from using FamilyHealthHawaii.com and its associated services.

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